A Minnesota Creative Agency

Businesses, big and small, have special needs. Budgets are tight. Schedules are demanding. And yet the necessity for direct, cleanly-designed promotional and advertising materials remains paramount. It’s about being competitive. And looking professional.

Enter Red Leaf. Whether you’re looking to launch your next direct mail campaign, make a splash at an upcoming tradeshow with a new brochure or booth, develop packaging for a new product, or place an ad in a newspaper or national trade publication, Red Leaf can meet your needs. On time. And on budget.

Red Leaf can also launch your business onto the Internet. We’ll handle everything from registering your URL (www.yourbusiness.com) to creating a streamlined, professionally-designed website. No clip art. No mismatched colors or clumsy design elements. Just a clean, classic look.

Feel free to browse the sections of our online portfolio. Identity and logo packages. Ads. Direct Mail. Catalogs. Brochures. Flyers. Website design and development. General graphic design. It’s all here. And it’s all available from a single source. Red Leaf.

Brand Development

Logos. Colors. Typefaces. Graphic elements. These are just a few of the core components that go into presenting a consistent identity or brand for your company, product or service. They should be unique yet complementary. They should be representative of your industry and philosophy, as well as compelling and immediately recognizable to your market. And they definitely should not cost you six figures. (Or even five figures, for that matter.)

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Raster vs. Vector

There are two primary image or graphic types within the graphic design industry: raster and vector. Is your creative team advising you on the right graphic type for your current and future needs? They should. We do.

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