From Design to Print

Brochures come in a variety of shapes, sizes and formats. Everything from the ever classic and economical one-sheet flyer or tri-fold to multi-page monsters with saddle-stitched bindings, spot varnishes, die-cuts and foiled embossing. Whatever the format, the desired end result is the same — the creation of a tangible vehicle that can be used to effectively communicate information about your company, service and product offerings, special events or promotions, etc.

From concept to completion, Red Leaf will work with you to create a brochure that has the perfect balance of eye-opening design and clarity-of-message to effectively communicate with your target audience. We can even handle the printing for you.

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Resolving Resolution

Photographic or raster images are resolution-dependant. This means that the physical dimensions (length and width) and resolution (the number of pixels per inch, or ppi) of an image should be of sufficient quality to ensure sharp and accurate reproduction. Acceptable standards vary within print, website, and large format environments, so be certain you’re making the right decision when considering an image size, resolution or format — especially if you plan on using it within multiple environments.

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