Print Advertising

Space or display advertising is often a key component within a well-balanced advertising and promotional mix. Red Leaf will work with you to design and write your ads, print or electronic. We’ll even help you identify the publications or media that are right for your market.

You’ll find Red Leaf’s work within publications such as Midwest Home and MplsStPaul magazines, the StarTribune and Pioneer Press, and various community and association directories and magazines. You may have even seen our work along the road on billboards or buses.

Whitespace is Your Friend

“Whitespace,” or “negative space,” is the space between elements in a composition, and it is often misunderstood. For many, it equates to “empty space,” and should be avoided at all costs. (You’ll often see this expressed within an overcrowded ad that only manages to confuse the advertiser’s message and/or brand.)

Correctly utilized, whitespace can dramatically improve retention and comprehension, as well as significantly elevate brand awareness and perception.

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