Creative Design for Everything Else

Our “other” category covers anything and everything that doesn’t fit neatly within the more mainstream families of print work. We’re talking about items such a tradeshow graphics (displays, booths, banners), storefront and point-of-sale signage, packaging, promotional items (note pads, apparel, etc.), calendars and more.

The bottom line? If you need creative talent that attracts attention and gets results, call on Red Leaf.

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Paper as a Design Element

The paper you select can have a profound impact on your final, printed job. Characteristics such as color, surface texture, brightness, opacity and grain direction can not only influence the overall look and feel of a piece, they can also dramatically affect color, ink absorption, fold quality, image clarity and more. When making decisions about paper, don’t hesitate to request samples, both printed and unprinted, of any sheet under consideration. Only by actually seeing a printed sheet can you know whether a particular paper will fit your needs.

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