The story behind bloom® has been a part of Red Leaf since we opened our doors in August of 2000. It’s a simple concept, really, and at its center is the idea that agency-level professional creative services should be accessible to small businesses. The accessibility comes not only from the value of services we offer, but also from the manner in how we approach and execute our work. Clean. Efficient. Effective. Professional. Creative. That’s Red Leaf. And that’s bloom®.

Graphic design. Concept work. Identity and branding (including logos). Strategic planning. Website design and development. They’re all part of the bloom® family of services.

bloom® start-up package

First impressions are everything, especially when you’re a new or young business. You need to look professional. Serious. Put-together. We can help.

The bloom® start-up package sets your businesses image and message on solid footing with a cohesive, professionally designed and developed set of core materials including:

  • logo, business cards and stationery
  • company brochure
  • website including domain registration, hosting and email

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Space or display advertising is often a key component within a well-balanced advertising and promotional mix. Red Leaf will work with you to design and write your ads, print or electronic. We’ll even help you identify the publications or media that are right for your market.

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Email and Domain Name

One of the biggest things that we see with small businesses is the use of generic or mainstream email addresses ( or, for example) that don’t utilize a branded domain name. Within any given day, you will be contacted more by email than by any other means, including the phone. People will more likely know your email address by heart than your phone number, so be certain that the domain name portion of your email is branded to your company. It’s the right choice if you want to appear professional.

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